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link Country first. Religion and caste next. The spirit helped us to drive away foreign forces out of the country and achieve independence. Religion and caste first. Country next. The local forces trying to impose this lunacy on us are to be driven out of the country for the survival of independence. BEST WISHES FROM… Read More »

యోగి ఉవాచ

సోషల్ మీడియా ద్వారా లభ్యమైన అక్షరలక్షల మాటలుః Yogi Adiyanath: “I respect Islam to the same extent that a Muslim respects Hinduism. I respect Allah as much as a Muslim respects Lord Ram. I give the same respect to the Koran as a Muslim gives to the Gita or Ramayana I respect Prohphet Mohammed as much as… Read More »

I Love Me

Many think that they love themselves. It is true only if they love to have themselves for company. If you are boring to you, how you are not boring to someone else? Here is something to support this view point. Apr 16 2017 : The Times of India (Hyderabad) o-zone – Face your boredom; it’s there… Read More »

Be a Writer and be Happy

I have evolved spiritually since I became a writer: Amish Tripathi Apr 16 2017 : The Times of India (Hyderabad) Before I started writing, I was a banker for 14 years – your typical IIM-A kinda of a guy, unhappy with everything. I was hyper-aggressive and hyper-competitive. Even if I got a bonus, I’d want… Read More »


మిత్రులారా ! తూర్పు గోదావరి జిల్లా పలివెల గ్రామం లోని ఉమాకొప్పులింగేశ్వర స్వామి ఆలయ శిలా శాసలాల పై నెను చెసిన పరిశోదన ఏప్రిల్ 4, 2017  డెక్కన్ క్రోనికిల్  రాజమండ్రి ప్రాంతీయ వార్తల్లో ప్రచురితమైంది. లంకె లో చూసి మీ విలువైన అభిప్రాయాన్ని తెలియజేయగలరని మనవి. వారణాసి రాహుల్ చరిత్ర పరిశొధకుడు, రచయిత Rajahmundry: Stone inscriptions dating back to the 12th to 15th Century AD have been found neglected at Lord… Read More »

A Balanced View on Uttar Pradesh

link Secular Manifesto For Change Saba Naqvi A Yogi Adityanath could not have been elevated to CM of the country’s largest state had there not been a complete hollowing out of secular values. For those of us who still have secular stardust in our eyes, let’s recognise that secularism as practised in India has been… Read More »