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Out of the World

When Michael Jackson was alive and performing, his dances and songs were out of the world. But when he died at the unripe age of 50, he is yet to be out of world. Probably he never would be. He danced as if to defy the laws of physics. He sang to entertain billions of people all over the globe. He was a celebrity. He had wealth but not health. He got the color of his skin changed. He did not lead a normal life. He loved children but one is not sure whether his children are his. He had such habits that inflicted curses on his body to make it hollow. His death was untimely and even under controversial circumstances. Many admired him because his talents were out of their reach. But would they like to lead the kind of life he lived? Do celebrities need to lead a different kind of life? Is it not sufficient if they are different by sheer talent? Celebrities- it is time for introspection!

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