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The following is a request from Sri Amballa Janardan (

Dear Friends,
I have been rquested by Shri Potti Sree Ramulu Telugu University to write a book on   “TELUGU PEOPLE IN MAHARASHTRA”, to be released in Dec,2012, on the eve of World Telugu Conference to be held at Tirupathi.
While I have some data on Telugu people in Mumbai, I would require data about Telugu people living in all the parts of Maharashtra. 
According to my knowledge, apart from Mumbai, there is concentration of Telugu population in the following places of Maharashtra.
1.)Bhiwandi 2) Solapur 3) Pune 4) Ahmednagar 5) Sangamner 6) Ichalkaranji 7) Nanded 8) Jalna 9) Parbhani 10) Nagpur 11) Chandrapur etc.
I would like cover the :
1. Economic conditions, their vocations
2. Social and cultural life
3. Literary works and awareness about Telugu language
4. Political participation
5. Eminent Personalities in the above fields- past as well as present.
6. Problems  which require support from A.P.governement.
Telugu people, while helping themselves in earning their livelyhood in maharashtra, have also contributed in Development of the State where they stay. They have also set up Industries, Educationsl institutions etc. and created Employment opporttunities to people in general and Telugu people in particular. 
I would request you to please send me whatever info you have viz. articles, write ups, photos, districtwise books etc and if possible send a write up on the lives of our people staying in the above places, so that it shall help me in my endeavour. If it is not possible to mail me any info, you may please courier the same.
You may also suggest the sources from where info. on the above aspects can be got and if possible, send me links of info on Net. I am trying my best to be as comprehensive and as authentic as possible so our lives in this great State can be recorded and documented for future reference.
The time is very short, and I would appreciate, if you all can mail me your info latest by 20-11-2012, so that I can submit my write up by 30-11-2012.
please reply-to:
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