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ఆడియోలో తెలుగు కథలు

ఇప్పుడొచ్చిన కరోనాకు ముందే ఎందరో మహానుభావులు ఆడియోలో తెలుగు కథల్ని వినిపిస్తూ అంతర్జాలాన్ని ఆహ్లాదకరం చేస్తున్నారు. అలాంటి ప్రయత్నాల్లో ఒకటిగా వచ్చిన సఖి శబ్ద పత్రికను అక్షరజాలంలో ఇదివరకే పరిచయం చేసి ఉన్నాం. ఇందులో మీరు వసుంధర కైమ్ నవల ‘వంద విలువ పదివేలు’ కూడా వినొచ్చు.

అలాగే యడవల్లి తేజాభిరామ్ అనే తెలుగు సాహిత్యాభిమాని తెలుగు కథల్ని అంతర్జాలంలో వినిపించడానికి కృషి ప్రారంభించారు. ఆ ప్రయత్నం గురించి వారి మాటల్లోనే –

The idea to generate audio books came to me during my first visit to the USA. Here I was introduced to an App called Audible which gave me unlimited access to a lot of books that I never had the time to read. Listening to them (although not quite like reading) gave me immense pleasure and genuine understanding of what the author himself or herself was trying to convey to the reader (rather than letting the reader form his/her own conclusions). Futhermore, the audio book was able to decrease quite a bit of ADHD that our generation lives in. The audio still leaves a lot of gap for imagination by the reader as opposed to a video platform which brings the entire simulation to life.
In this regard, I was able to connect the dots that there is an entire world of telugu books that our generation is not reading. Just in a matter of 50 years, people have almost literally forgotten one of the greatest classics “Barrister Parvateesam”. This ties into the fact that a lot of my own cousins cannot read telugu; even if they do, they do not read telugu on a daily basis; even if they do read telugu, they do not read books/novels, which has led to a society devoid of budding new/sensational writers. I believe there are phenomenal writers out there who can write amazing books in the telugu language. However due to the unavailability of excited audience, there is a decrease in scope for the same.
Hence my quest started to see what I can do to increase this demand. I am not a brilliant writer myself, my voice is not phenomenal. But I do have the wit to pursue what I am interested in.
So I joined hands with my friend Nikhil Karanam, who owns ARRILA studios, to bring Parvateesam back to life. 6 months and Rs 2 Lakhs later, you see the creation of a high quality audiobook which is quite conventional for a Audio book standard. All three parts have been made into audio.
In order to test the interest levels of the audience I had started a podcast with short stories initially. They were recorded by my parents themselves in the form of children’s stories. What I found from google analytics was that, any audio which was more than 2 minutes long was being ignored. People did not seem capable of going any further given the fact that we live in the world of instant gratification. If the word is not spread in the first 2 minutes, then its hard to spread. So instead of giving out an audio book that was 8 hours long, I decided on releasing them as small snippets at a time of 10 or 15 minutes each. Given this, my download rate has significantly increased compared to the longer rants that I was making earlier.
Please find the links to the podcast through iTunes, Google play music or direct weblinks to the podcast episode below. Presently, I am presenting ‘Nandikesudi Nomu’ and had completed 4 parts. I would be able to finish the Nandikesudi Nomu Audio book in due time.

బారిస్టర్ పార్వతీశం (మొక్కపాటి వారి నవల)

పెళ్లికి వెళ్లి చూడు అను నందికేశుడి నోము కథ (వసుంధర నవల)

శ్రీ తేజాభిరామ్ గార్ని అభినందిస్తూ ఆడియోలో ఇలా లభించే ఫైల్సు వివరాలు అక్షరజాలంతో పంచుకోవలసిందిగా అందరికీ మనవి.

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