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Jannat 2- Film Review

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Democracy is meant to be by the people, of the people and for the people. In practice, the people are replaced by the so called leaders. Similarly movies are meant to be of the producer, by the director and for the audience. But movies from the Bhatt house are different: they are by the Bhatts, of the Bhatts and for the Bhatts. Jannat 2 is a movie from the Bhatt house.

Interestingly, the movie, which is a sequel to Bhatts’ Jannat, has a plot too. The hero was a gun dealer for the crooks but fell in love with the daughter of a corrupt and violent politician. The heroin is so good at heart that she hated her father and left her father to lead a simple life as doctor. She is very traditional in thoughts and attitude but not at all in attire. She can provoke even an innocent or saint by mere appearance. Provocation or not, the hero fell in love with her at first sight.  He was prepared to marry her but reforming himself was to be included as part of the preparation. A cop, whose wife was a victim of heroin’s father, befriended the hero to hasten the process of his reform. Action, suspense and romance engage the before the villain was killed and hero sacrificed his life. The heroin, not aware of the reformation of hero, moves on with her traditional attitude and provoking attire. May be Jannat 3 awaits her.

The story may give the feeling of age old flavour, but was told in a manner to keep viewer’s interest. Narration was effective but only in parts. The songs were unexpectedly different for a film of this type. Dialogues were unnecessarily vulgar. There was a kissing scene, which was almost a must for a Emraan Hashmi movie.  However, the intensity of the scene was not felt. It appeared as if Emraan was casual and Esha Gupta not interested. Even the romantic (erotic!?) scenes followed the same pattern.

The film belonged to Emraan Hashmi. He lived in the character and gave life to the story. Esha Gupta was good-looking but somehow did not apply herself to the role. The rest of the characters were artificial in their expressions. We may here a lot about Randeep Hooda as cop in this movie, in a role tailor made for Big B or Nana Patekar. He tried his best but missed a golden chance. We may have to admit that roles always do not make stars.

For the information of viewers, the film is already a hit and Randeep Hooda is being noticed for his performance.

మే 7, 2012

Housefull 2- Film Review

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On April 28, 2005 a Telugu movie by name Hungama was released. The plot was on greed. Greed in marriage. Brides as well as their fathers wish the same- alliance with the rich. And then there were revenge dramas and mistaken identities to tickle all viewers. Comedy of errors with crude scenes and dialogues formed the content to tickle some kind of viewers. The film was packed with noted Telugu comedians for all the main roles and not so well-known feminine flesh for glamour. Director S.V. Krishnareddy, well-known for his good taste, was credited with the story also.

About 7 years later, on April 6, 2012 a Hindi movie by name Housefull 2 was released. The plot, content and execution suggested the film as just a sophisticated version of Hungama. But the producer of the movie, Sajid Nadiadwala, was credited with the story. It may be coincidence or both might have lifted the same Hollywood content. One would know if S.V of Telugu objected. That he did not object suggests more of helplessness than generosity.

Sophistication to the film was brought through foreign locales and by packing with big names (present and past heroes & heroines) of Mumbai film industry. Asin may be from the South but she was the Ghazini girl for Mumbai also.

The film was entertaining because of the presence of big stars. The film was good because of the average Indian viewer’s taste.  

Among the actors, Mithun Chakraborty was quite impressive. The Kapoor brothers (Randhir & Rishi) did not disappoint. For the first time Boman Irani was too human to err in acting. Johny Lever and Ranjeet lived up to their expectations but Chunky Pandey’s was beyond expectation. Among the four heroes Akshay Kumar fit well into a comic role with some different maanerisms while John Abraham had good looks and no expression. His limitations in dancing were well exposed in the movie. The other two were filling the blanks. All the four heroines were limited to glamour and exposure. They had a stiff competition from the item girl Malaika Arora in the Anarkali song.

Songs are rhythmatic and the moves in dances are arithmetic. Forget the Gulzars, Hrishikreshs, Basus etc., Housefull 2 approved a new genre humour, to which the audience was already getting accustomed. One may not miss much by not viewing this movie. With you are without you, it won’t miss its house-full stature. Sure another sequel Housefull 3 is likely to follow.

Interestingly, one may not get disappointed after watching the movie. It has something in it to satisfy all kinds of viewers. Only those who can think a bit may get disappointed with themselves for not getting disappointed with the movie.

ఫిబ్రవరి 16, 2012

Agneepath- Film review

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Harivansh Rai Shrivastav alias Bachchan (27 November 1907 – 18 January 2003), was a noted Indian poet of Chhayavaad literary movement (romantic upsurge) of early 20th century Hindi literature. He was also a famous poet of the Hindi Kavi Sammelan. He is best known for his early work Madhushala. He is also the father of Bollywood megastar, Amitabh Bachchan.

Amitabh recited many of his father’s poems and Agneepath was one among them. The poem inspired producer Yash Johar to produce a film with the same name in 1990. Directed by Mukul Anand, the movie was heroed by Amitab Bachchan. However, the film zeroed as a classic; it was just another masala movie of Amitabh. Even the name of the hero was usual Vijay. As a boy, Vijay was a witness to the plot to disgrace his father, which led to his brutal killing. Revenge became Vijay’s only goal for which he chose the path of violence through mafia. Danny Denzongpa played the villain Kancha Cheena to flourish all through and then perish in the end. Most of the scenes were neither logical nor convincing. Quite a few actors did well. Amitab did a good job but looked older for the character. As a habit he lived in the character, but he had much better looks and performances earlier and later, to back his career.  If he had won the national award as the best actor for this role, things other than merit might have played a role. Similarly, Mithun too played one of the most meaningless and unconvincing characters in a supporting role and bagged the Film Fare award in that category that year. With the hero’s death the film was a tragedy. And more tragedies were there to follow. Director Mukul Anand was at his worst in presenting the film. And the audience once gave their judgment rightly. The film was a flop.

Indian film industry is notorious for its lack of originality. The names Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood etc bear testimony to this. The Indian film makers offer a front seat to money and no seat to creativity.  They keep on looking for used stuff, even if it is rotten. Yash’s son Karan belongs to a trend-setting new generation occasionally, and a genuine follower of the bollywood tradition quite often. Hence the choice of Agneepath to remake.  The film is released on January 26, 2012.

Karan Johar has given the responsibility to another Karan (Malhotra) to remake the film. The Director tried his best to make the film much more convincing than the original. The idea of dropping Mithun’s character and creating a new character to accommodate Rishi Kapoor is good. Hritik Roshan is roped in as hero but seemed as if playing a good-looking guest role. He did not live in the character, probably knowing well that it is not worth living in. The villain Kancha Cheena is admirably glamorized by Sanjay Dutt; he could induce real fear into the minds of viewers. Rishi Kapoor is impressive. Priyanka Chopra is at ease in the heroin’s robes and impressed as a versatile artist. Om Puri is wasted. Free-flowing Katrina Kaif’s item song Chikni Chameli is indeed a treat.  They may be termed saving grace. To sum up, this film belongs to Sanjay Dutt, Katrina and Priyanka to some extent. And the audience gave their judgment mightily. The film is a big hit.

It is grave injustice to the poet if his famous poem is misconceived. More so if the poet’s son himself is involved in the act. To add salt to injury, the film is remade with the same title. The title is justified only if it is not associated with the famous poet. This film has no proper message. It may, however, present one harsh reality of the present times: A leader may talk of the down-trodden to become popular. But he should concentrate only on his personal agenda and goal.   

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Players- Moview Review

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Vinod Khanna was a criminal in jail. He was respected by police for his advice on the moves of criminals. His daughter Sonam Kapoor is pious and inspires her father for change. Khanna did change and wishes to build a world-class home for orphans. He plans to raise the funds through a robbery of gold worth ten thousand crores and located in Russia.  For this he identifies skilled players: Abhishek Bachchan,  Bobby Deol, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bipasha Basu, Sikander Kher & Omi Vaidya. The team accomplished this almost impossible feat with such ease to tempt even a novice  to venture such missions in Russia.  The players faced no external threat either from the Russian Government or Army but they had an internal problem. Neil Nitin cheated them and escaped with all the loot to New Zealand to bring the intermission. How the other players 9now Sonam joins them to add to the number and supposedly glamour too) chase him and get back the loot forms the later half of the movie.  

Minus into minus to make plus is the central theme. The story is funny and would have been convincing had it been a comic flick. Unfortunately the movie is considered to be an adventure plot and also the remake of the Hollywood ‘Italian Job’.  Abhishek was unimpressive, Bobby looked unwanted and Neil Nitin seemed uncapable in their roles. udience may not mind the ‘body present and mind absent’  siuation for Bipasa. Sonam looked cute but certainly seemed a misfit in seductive scenes. Vinod Khanna looked older than his age but not golder for such roles. Old is for gold is valid for the theme but not for his talent.  Songs and music may not be remembered beyond the theatres but exclusive audio at home may renovate some interest later. 

Photography was excellent. Narration might defy logic but was breathtaking.  Experience of the Director-duo Abbas-Mastan was felt all through the film, but their imagination was vey disappointing. 

India is a poor country. People having enough money may as well share part of their wealth straightt away rather than throwing their lot to them in the name and shape of pure entertainment.  

 To sum up Players- it is just playing with money and with no purpose!

ఆగస్ట్ 8, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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 Our View

 Bollywood movies are branded escapists. They take the common man to a world, he can neither dream nor achieve. But the story and content are within his reach. This film is no different in terms of escapism but it is not within the reach or grasp of the average Indian viewer. The problem is imported from the west and is being applied to our youth. It may not be totally unrealistic in view of the growing pub culture in India. So it may appeal to some privileged city youth. It may be amusing to note that their problem is a loving partner willing to sacrifice even her life ambitions for the sake of living together. That is family life and majority of people even in the West may just aspire for that. When there is a lot to understand through their surroundings and people around them- they prefer to tour in Spain and have a bachelor party to enjoy life and know its intricacies. This is a myth being propagated by the effluent to spoil the young minds of reasonably well-to-do India.   

Man, woman, love and family- that is the combination most likely to bring ultimate happiness. If happiness does not evolve the problem may not lie in avoiding the combination. But this film does think so.

Let us leave it there and agree with this philosophy. The film was well made and is a beauty. The situations were well conceived, dialogues very well written and locales were wonderfully chosen. The film excels in all departments and credit goes to the entire crew. Audience may not get bored at any moment though the first half of the movie is more like a tourist’s programme. All songs are good though senorita needs special mention.

Abhy Deol excelled in his role while Farhan Akthar too looked very natural in a difficult role. Hritik lost his boyish looks yet was pleasing to the beholder. His action was not as natural and maybe he was conscious of his super star status.  Katrina Kaif did not show any histrionic talent but compensated with divine beauty. Her mesmerizing smiles were enough to seal the viewer’s mind in her favor.

The film is a must watch- not for its content but its presentation.

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