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Indian Cricket and Successive White-washes

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India had many great cricketers but not considered a great cricket team for long. With the advent of the spin-trio of Prasanna-Bedi-Chandrasekhar, the team could creat fears for the first time in some great teams. Gavaskar, Viswanath and Kapil Dev took the team to great heights to deserve team India some valid recognition. And then Sachin Tendulkar is a phenomenon for Indian cricket. Dhoni entered the scenario at the right time to win the first 20-20 world cup and the 2011 50-50 world cup. He also earned the team the coveted number one status in test cricket. Great players like Dravid, Sehwag, Lakshman and Zaheer too are also responsible for this status. In 2011, we went to England as the number one cricket team. We were whitewashed by the English men in tests and one day internationals. Then we went to Australia as a formidable team. Australia was a struggling team and considered not formidable. By January 28, 2012 we were whitewashed by the Australians too. In between, England, South Africa and Australia suffered ignominious defeats sometimes with shockingly low scores of fewer than 100. This is a global phenomenon in test cricket now and is attributed to the rising popularity of the shorter versions of the game. 20-20 is a money spinner and 50-50 offers more thrills compared to the 5-day format. In the recent tests against India, Australia did not perform as a great team but for a few individual batting performances. One match was decided just by one Warner’s 20-20 style batting. That needs luck also and luck favors the brave. India never looked brave in the series. Another two batsmen, who decided the fate of the series, were Captain Clarke and veteran Ponting. Interestingly many questioned the wisdom of Ponting’s inclusion in the national team, based on his dismal performance in tests prior to this series. For India, Sehwag did not click, Dravid could not be the wall he used to be, Lakshman was disappointing and Sachin underperformed in batting. In bowling, Zaheer was good but without support at the other end< Ishant was not good enough, Yadav was inexperienced and Ashwin was still learning.

Ours is a poor nation. Unfortunately we pay attention not to poverty of the fellow-beings but to cricketers, film stars and politicians. They all make much more money than they deserve. Easy money through endorsements may ease the motivation of sportsmen at higher level. If our cricketers lose their brand value, it is good for Indian cricket. We are good in chess due to Anand, Tennis due to Paes and Sania, Badminton due to Saina and in many other events due to some performing individuals. In cricket too we are good to that extent only. Keep the cricketers in their right place and perceptive.

England and South Africa were great cricketing nations for some time. West Indies was unparalleled for about 2 decades and Australia was formidable for a longer time. India too held the top position for a brief period. However, performance abroad was always a deterring factor in its quest for supremacy. One possible reason was the lack of sporting pitches in domestic cricket. This was long recognized but comes to the fore only at the time of glaring defeats and then quickly forgotten. It is the same old story for Indians in all fields- enjoying exhaustive analysis without executing any action plan.

If India is great in cricket, so are some other nations. If victory is predetermined for India, play becomes irrelevant. Let us hail our victories and avoid despair in defeats. Sure, our team will bounce back and entertain as usual. But let us concentrate more on our less privileged citizens. For that, we need to concentrate less on the shortcomings of our cricketers and more on the erring politicians, who can frustrate even a determined Anna Hazare camp.

జూలై 26, 2011

India Bows to Lords

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India is in England on a cricket tour. The first test began on July 21 at Lords.

Indian batsmen are supposed to be the best even against seaming ball.  Yet they preferred to bowl after winning the toss. Their best bowler Zaheer Khan could bowl only 13.3 overs in the entire match. Others did their best though not in symphony.

England batsmen showed the tendency to collapse but those who did not collapse contributed heavily. Their first innings score was mammoth and India responded meekly. There was a wall (Dravid) to support others but the wall was not supported. Their best batsman was bugged and the rest were hugged by the opponent bowlers. Some of the old guards (Laxman) did well to support themselves but not enough to support the cause.

India had its moments but never looked like winning. England looked vulnerable occasionally but they were looking superior on all five days at stumps. Finally they won convincingly by a margin of 196 runs. The man of the match award went to Pietersen but Broad was equally vital due to his knocks with ball as well as bat. India’s gain was Mukund. Praveen Kumar, Ishant Sarma & Suresh Raina could not help India but helped themselves.

India is the number one test side. England is two ranks behind. The slide and climb process began. Luck favors the brave but playing with injury-susceptible members may not be termed bravery.

Congratulations to England and best of luck for team India from July 29.

జూన్ 23, 2009

T20 World Cup 2009: The F factor in the Final Result

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Many consider the T20 cricket unpredictable but I thought otherwise. I present here a few of my predictions with on the spot analysis. You may notice that some were accurate but some went awry. Read the rest of this entry »

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Indian Cricket – phosphorescence to fluorescence

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“Stars twinkle in the night, heroes glow as knights”

One billion people and just one eleven required to excel. That is Indian cricket. Yet Amranaths, Mankads, Gavaskars, Vishwanaths, Kapil Devs, etc., come once in lifetime, glorify it and disappear. The team registers occasional wins and then thrives on the past glory. Scientifically this can be termed as phosphorescence. A phosphorescent substance absorbs sunlight to emit it later in the dark. Once we had the highest run-getter and also the highest wicket-taker playing together for the nation. The best innings of the century was attributed to our V.V.S. Lakshman. Yet we were struggling to make it to the top five at the international level until a few years back. Read the rest of this entry »

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